Delfin is a cognitive application platform to
create Sia, your virtual advisor, for a customer
to exploit their in-house intelligence and
expertise resident in reports, papers, and
other forms of textual information,
collectively called unstructured data. Once
created Sia knows your company’s domain, its
proprietary information, learns over time, and
understands questions and provides answers
in natural language. Delfin employs the latest
developments in cognitive applications and
natural language processing.
Exploit the treasures of
unstructured big data

The best way to understand Sia is to draw a parallel with Siri, Apple iPhone’s intelligent personal assistant, that uses a natural language interface to answer questions. Similarly, Sia lets you interact with your company’s unstructured data stored in documents as easily as you would with a human expert and unearth the answer you seek.

Sia unearths and deploys the buried expertise of your organization, to help your employees make better decisions faster by:

  • Exploiting in-house accumulated experiences and expertise
  • Capturing the “experiential knowledge” of top performers
  • Providing tools to train less-experienced staff
  • Enhancing knowledge retention of retiring staff
  • Being a source of 2nd Opinion

Sia Demo: Experience Sia in action at Ask Sia your questions on refinery operations and receive answers based on Refining Online’s impressive Q&A forum with 6000 questions and answers from refinery and other industry professionals worldwide and a knowledge base of technical documents.

See Sia in action, visit

Underlying Technology: Delfin is a novel and efficient platform for consuming and understanding text through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In our proprietary systems, we apply text mining, processing, and analytics pipelines to intelligently gather and join connected data points automatically.

Our custom-built AI already contains a base knowledge model that can recognize a majority of entities within your industry domain with excellent precision. It can be customized and trained to improve further based on your proprietary information and terminologies.

In Delfin’s underlying architecture, we combine open-source programming languages and a variety of 3rd party libraries with our own proprietary models. This allows tremendous flexibility in tuning and optimizing model parameters while allowing robust automation of text processing and analysis workflows. The models and algorithms behind our AI draw from the latest advances in the field from both industry and academia. This allows us to use an ensemble approach that combines several machine learning approaches, including unsupervised learning, transfer learning, and semi-supervised learning.

Download the Delfin white paper

Sia offers multiple options for you to exploit the knowledge model such as, Chat Interface, Voice Capability and Application Integration.

Below are several illustrations on how Sia can help your specific situation:

  • Exploiting Document Archives: We have a large archive of valuable documents, how can Sia help me exploit the intelligence buried in them?

  • Knowledge Retention: Our senior highly experienced experts are retiring soon, how can Sia help me retain their expertise?

  • Knowledge Maintenance: Since new data are continually created, who will be responsible for updating the knowledge model that drives Sia? Does this effort require IT involvement?

  • Expert Answers: How do we ensure Sia will produce valuable answers?

  • Integration with Applications: How will Sia integrate with my company’s business applications and work flow? Our documents are in SharePoint, emails are in archives and call reports are in the CRM system?

This advanced capability of Sia can create a significant competitive advantage for companies as their employees can make better decisions faster.

This is an opportunity as well as an emerging competitive dynamic one cannot ignore.

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