Exploit the treasures of unstructured big data
The Delfin Way

Sia, derived from Smart Intelligent Advisor, is a virtual advisor to let you interact with your company’s information stored in documents and databases as easily as you would with a human expert and unearth the answers you seek.

The best way to understand Sia is to draw a parallel with Siri, Apple iPhone’s intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator, that uses a natural language interface to answer questions. Similarly, with Sia, simply enter your question briefly and clearly and Sia will return responses for your review based on the knowledge in your documents and databases. Select the best responses and dive further into the information.

Sia was developed using Astron International’s Delfin platform which employs the latest developments in cognitive applications and natural language processing. Delfin provides a platform for a company to create its own Sia based on its in-house repository of documented intelligence and expertise. Once created Sia knows your company’s domain, its proprietary information, learns over time, and understands questions and provides answers in natural language.

Therefore, Sia can be customized using Delfin to extract information from your company’s data stored in structured database and exploit treasure of reports, papers, and other forms of textual information, collectively called unstructured data to provide deep insights. Accessing unstructured data has traditionally been limited to the elementary and unappealing search capabilities of document management applications. While there are many conventional data analysis technologies to tackle structured numeric data residing in databases, there were few limited options until Sia to tap the expertise and intelligence hidden in volumes of your unstructured data.

This advanced capability of Sia can create a significant competitive advantage for companies as their employees can make better decisions faster. This is an opportunity as well as an emerging competitive dynamic one cannot ignore.

For more information on Sia and the Delfin platform please download Astron International’s white paper now.

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